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6 Ways to Achieve Your 6 On-the-Water-Days Prerequisite for ASA 104

Are you an ASA 103, Basic Coastal Cruising certified sailor looking forward to ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising?

After completing ASA 103, Modern Sailing students are required to complete six on-the-water days as a skipper, co-skipper, or student to prepare for the challenge of ASA 104.

Below are six ways to fulfil the prerequisite:

1. Charter as the Skipper on Record

NOTE: 3 of your 6 on-the-water days must be as the skipper on record. A bareboat charter in your name  (including a Midweek Sunset charter) will count as an on-the-water day towards your ASA 104 prerequisite. (Club membership is required to charter.)

Are you chartering for the first time? Here are five articles you may find helpful:

2. Co-Skipper with a Modern Club Member

You can credit up to three on-the-water days towards your ASA 104 prerequisite as a co-skipper with an MSC club member. Please be sure to inform the front desk so we can track it. Learn more about co-skippering here: What Is a "Co-Skipper?"

3. Receive a Private Lesson

When you spend 3 or more hours aboard with one of our instructors, this counts as 1 on-the-water day towards your ASA 104 prerequisite. Considering a Private Lesson? Discover 5 Reasons to Take Private Sailing Lessons on SF Bay.

4. Complete a Sailing Clinic

ASA 103-certified sailors are eligible to join the following clinics, each of which will count as 1 on-the-water day:

5. Race

Your participation in a Racing Clinic counts as two on-the-water days. 

6. Skipper a Privately Owned Boat

Do you own a sailboat, or know someone who does? When you skipper a sail aboard a privately-owned boat, we'll give you credit when you provide us with a detailed Sailing Resume. Please let us know the dates and locations of your skipper days, boat name(s), boat length, and owner's name. If the owner is someone besides yourself, please provide the owner's contact information for verification purposes. We'll give you credit for these on-the-water days when you provide us with an approved detailed Sailing Resume.

Do you have any questions about the ASA 104 prerequisite? Please reach out to our friendly office team by phone at (415) 331-8250 or send us an email. We're happy to help!

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  • Warren Leiden, Member

    I try to get out on the water every week: out the Gate, around Angel, up Raccoon - I love it all. After 18 years as a member of OCSC in Berkeley, I learned to sail the bigger boats at Modern by taking ASA 103 and 104. My ASA 104 instructor Dave Russell was terrific. Also, Captain Bill Moreland has been very generous in giving informal advice whenever I’ve asked him. Thanks to Bill, I no longer have any anxiety about docking!

  • Mike, Santa Rosa, California

    All of the courses and my instructors (JT and Stan) were extremely professional and full of knowledge and experience. I found I was able to learn from their experiences beyond the scope of the courses, and look forward to future opportunities to do so. I would highly recommend Modern Sailing to anyone.

  • Casey Bishop, Corporate Regatta

    WE LOVED IT! The whole team was so honored and thankful. Thanks so much for all of your team's hard work and excellence in organizing our party. Of the 22 of us, only 4 had ever been sailing and not in the Bay. The guys had an incredible experience, the skippers were all really great, allowing each of us to be at the wheel. They were kind and empowering. Plus the weather and wind were perfect! It was definitely one of the top 3 experiences that we have shared as leaders in the past 5 + years. We couldn't have asked for a better day!

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