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Warren Holybee's Circumnavigation Featured in Latitude 38

by Warren Holybee / Latitude 38


Former MSC student and member Warren Holybee's epic circumnavigation story has found its way into the pages of our favorite sailing publication, Latitude 38!

Practicing What He Preaches

Latitude 38, February 2010
by LaDonna Bubak

John Connolly started sailing on Long Island Sound on an 18-ft Pennant at the age of eight, and was singlehanding the boat by the time he was 10...

Man Overboard!

Marin Independent Journal, Dec. 2008
by Michelle Slade

"Think for a minute on how difficult it would be, under duress, to haul a 180-pound body from the water up onto a boat on your own. It's a deeply worrisome thought that never leaves the mind of a sailing instructor..."

World Sailing Adventures

Bluewater Sailing, May 2006

"Modern Sailing Academy's advanced cruising class to Monterey and back is a demanding way for experienced coastal sailors to gain valuable..."

Adventure Sailing

Marquesas to the Tuamotus: A 900-mile Bareboating Adventure

Latitude 38, June 2008
by Robert Moon

"San Francisco Bay sailor Robert Moon steamed across the South Pacific in naval warships during his 20-year stint as a military officer, but he's always dreamed of sailing there. He finally got his chance this year when he joined John Connolly and a group of sailing students from..."

School's In For Winter

SAIL Magazine, January 2006
by Mark Corke and Dave Baldwin

"Lured by visions of Tahiti's legendary lagoons and a 100 - mile passage through the South Pacific, I signed up for Modern Sailing Academy's 10-day trip...which offered an optional ASA Offshore Passagemaking certification course..."

Get Certified in Exotic Locales

Blue Water Sailing, December 2005

"With the school's adventure sailing program, Modern Sailing Academy is offering a great way to gain the skills and confidence to qualify for..."

Changes - Cyclone Alan

Latitude 38, July 1998
by Don McGreevy

"I've spent years reading various accounts - many in Latitude - of being caught in hurricanes or cyclones. I assumed that I'd never experience a hurricane first assumption recently proved to be very wrong."

Crew Overboard Symposium

Taking An Unplanned Dip

Blue Water Sailing, October 2005
by Greg Jones

"The COB Recovery Symposium was sponsored by Modern Sailing Academy and West Marine with major support provided by the Bonnell Cove Foundation of the Cruising Club of America..."

Man Overboard

Yachting, November 2005
by Chris Caswell

"We heard the splash and then the blood-chilling cry, 'Man overboard!' Leaping out of the cabin, all we could see was a fast-diminishing dark head in the broad white wake, tossed about by the swells and clearly..."

Crew Overboard: Four Recovery Methods

Sailing World, Nov/Dec 2005
by Tony Bessinger

"While racing sailors usually spend more time practicing man-overboard drills than casual sailors or cruisers, it doesn't make them immune to being lost overboard. Two sailors I knew drowned off raceboats in the past three years..."

Best Recovery Gear

Sailing World, Nov/Dec 2005
by Tony Bessinger

"The primary purpose of the Crew Overboard Recovery Symposium...was to assess conventional rescue methods. But another equally important component of the symposium was testing rescue and recovery..."

Overboard and Back

Sail Magazine, December 2005
by Kimball Livingston & John Connolly

"Over a period of 12 years, a group of organizations and individuals, including Modern Sailing Academy, has organized four national event on San Francisco Bay to study man-over-board (MOB) safety and recovery techniques..."

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  • Esther C

    I took ASA 101 with them recently. They have the best customer service I've ever seen! I mistyped my address when I signed up online so didn't receive the textbook. I called and the lady immediately sent me another copy! Everyone at the club is super friendly.

  • Andrew Goble, San Francisco

    It has been wonderful sailing with MSC over the years. Please extend my thanks to the owners, management, and staff for unrequited professionalism and high standards in a charter fleet. I have sailed with several in my years and none nearly hold a candle to the quality of business and staff at Modern Sailing.

  • Casey Bishop, Corporate Regatta

    WE LOVED IT! The whole team was so honored and thankful. Thanks so much for all of your team's hard work and excellence in organizing our party. Of the 22 of us, only 4 had ever been sailing and not in the Bay. The guys had an incredible experience, the skippers were all really great, allowing each of us to be at the wheel. They were kind and empowering. Plus the weather and wind were perfect! It was definitely one of the top 3 experiences that we have shared as leaders in the past 5 + years. We couldn't have asked for a better day!

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