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ASA Courses & Sailing Clinics on Performance Sailboats

On the Sportboat Track, ASA 101, Basic Keelboat Sailing, and ASA 103, Basic Coastal Cruising are taught on the zippy J/24s at our Berkeley location. These boats are smaller and lighter than the Silver Fleet Catalinas used on the Cruising Boat Track, and their rigging is more technical and manual. They come equipped with tiller steering and an outboard motor, versus the wheel steering and inboard engines of the 30-foot+ cruising boats. Sailing these responsive and maneuverable J/Boats in the windy Berkeley territory can be a thrilling experience! If you enjoy outdoor adventure sports, learning to sail on the Sportboat Track may be the next exhilarating challenge you are looking for.

Not sure which track to choose? You might find this article helpful in making your decision: Beginning on Sportboats or Cruising Boats - Information to Help You Choose.

Get Certified to Skipper Sportboats... and Cruising Boats Too!

Upon completing ASA 103 on the Sportboat Track, Modern Sailing members become "Sportboat Fleet Rated." This means that along with a sailing buddy (or three) as crew, you are certified to charter a J/24 or J/80 and enjoy exploring the Bay at your own pace and direction.

On both the Sportboat and Cruising Boat Tracks, ASA 101 and 103 both lead to the third course in the ASA series, ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising. Taught aboard a 37' to 40' cruising boat, ASA 104 qualifies Modern Sailing members to sail the Gold Fleet in Berkeley or the Platinum Fleet in Sausalito. Learn more about how to get Fleet Rated for bareboat chartering. ASA 104 also qualfies sailors to apply for their International Proficiency Certificate, which is required by most international sailboat charter companies.

Prior to ASA 104, sportboat skippers can get rated to charter 30' cruising boats by completing the Upgrade to Silver Fleet Clinic

Interested in becoming a Modern Sailing member and a skilled sportboat skipper? Check out our cost-saving Sportboat Skipper Package, which includes ASA 101, 103, membership initiation, and more!

Sportboat Clinics

After ASA 101 and 103, our sportboats continue to provide an excellent platform for learning high-level boat handling skills. From docking under sail, to performance sail trim and precision driving, to learning to skipper in races, Sailing Clinics will take your skills to the next level! You'll have a blast advancing your sportboat skills with Sportboat Development Sails, the Advanced Sportboat Clinic, and the J/24 Racing Skipper Clinic! Click the "Sailing Clinics" tab below to see details.

After completing ASA 104, you'll become eligible to join advanced Cruising Boat Courses & Clinics in both Sausalito and Berkeley.

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  • Rolf Zingg

    Since many, many years, I had the dream to sail underneath the Golden Gate bridge. On October 14th last year, my dream became true. Thanks to our dear friend Aaron Fritz who made it possible and organized this cruise for us. With this adventure I was able to achieve one more milestone on my sailing career.

    Finally on the water, it was great! Full moon made the flows even stronger and it was like sailing in a washing machine.

    I did my sailing education in the English Channel, where the situation with the wind and flows is comparable to the San Francisco Bay. So I felt pretty much "at home" being on the helm in the Bay.

    I hope our skipper Stan Lander enjoyed this day cruise too. We, definitely did! It was an unforgettable experience for all of us.

    A very big thank you to all of you who made it possible, that my dream became reality! Also thank you for the MSC flag I got at the end of the day. It found it's place in my study, where I can see it daily.

  • Mike, Santa Rosa, California

    All of the courses and my instructors (JT and Stan) were extremely professional and full of knowledge and experience. I found I was able to learn from their experiences beyond the scope of the courses, and look forward to future opportunities to do so. I would highly recommend Modern Sailing to anyone.

  • Trudy Flores

    Captain Jeff Cathers is really cool. I had such a great time on the Farallones Day Trip. It was actually my very best day of 2020. Thank you so much for coordinating the trip.

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