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Kate and Warren Templeton, Modern Sailors and Now Boat Owners!

December 30, 2020

As club members and students of Modern Sailing since late 2018, Kate and Warren Templeton have spent the last two years building a strong foundation of skills to carry them on to their next big sailing adventure, which began in 2020 - boat ownership and destination cruising.

Kate's boating roots formed in childhood while exploring the San Juan Islands off of Seattle with her family aboard their power boat. Warren's love for boating also began in childhood while enjoying frequent excursions along Florida waterways aboard his family's 13’ Boston Whaler. While Kate and Warren had joined friends on sailing trips before, the idea of becoming a sailing and cruising couple didn’t spark until friends invited them for an unforgettable week-long sailing holiday in the British Virgin Islands. Soon after, the couple joined Modern Sailing School & Club. Since then, they have completed ASA courses 101, 103, and 104 together. Warren has also joined a Farallones Day Trip and the Discover SF Bay by Sail: Local Destinations and Beyond webinar.

While learning to sail at Modern Sailing, Kate found confidence in discovering that sailboats are more resilient than she expected. While out sailing, she enjoys the unique views of San Francisco from the Bay and surprise visits from sea life - even sharks! Warren's favorite aspect of sailing is that magical moment when the sails are trimmed just right, the boat is heeling slightly, and the only sounds are the wind and the rush of water over the hull. He has also found value in learning teamwork and communication through his sailing courses at MSC. He says, “Any good team demands great communication - sailing, working, or cohabiting. While Modern taught me a lot of technical skills, the deliberate and intentional communication to safely operate boats are transferrable to many other parts of my life - particularly in these remote working times.”

Sailing has become a lifetime passion for Kate and Warren. They recently purchased a sailboat of their own and hope to enjoy the wind in their sails for a long time to come. They plan to cruise the Delta this summer, and later, go on to explore the Channel Islands and California Riviera. Sailing the Bahamas and a return to the Caribbean are also high on their destination wishlist.

While we at Modern Sailing love to see members enjoy sailing with us year after year, to watch our students progress in their skills and confidence and sail off towards new horizons is poignantly rewarding and satisfying for us. We wish Kate and Warren all the best with their new boat and their amazing sailing adventures to come!

Kate standing on the bow of their new boat.

Warren happily driving on the helm of their new boat.

UPDATE December 29, 2021: In September, Kate and Warren welcomed their baby boy into the world. In the meantime, they have been caring for their boat and planning for future adventures.

Do you have a dream of sailing near or far? Whether you dream of sailing around San Francisco Bay or around the world, we can help you acquire the skills and experience that you'll need to get out there with confidence. Your journey begins with an email or a phone call to our friendly office at (415) 331-8250. 

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  • John Kratochvil, Oregon

    I would like to compliment Stan Lander for his coaching, counseling and teaching Heavy Weather Offshore Sailing. Stan was very accommodating to all of the student's interests and shared his many years of insight on handling the boat in heavy seas. I would certainly recommend Stan and this course to sheltered waters sailors. My confidence in handling a boat of this size was certainly enhanced by the experience.

  • Esther C

    I took ASA 101 with them recently. They have the best customer service I've ever seen! I mistyped my address when I signed up online so didn't receive the textbook. I called and the lady immediately sent me another copy! Everyone at the club is super friendly.

  • Trudy Flores

    Captain Jeff Cathers is really cool. I had such a great time on the Farallones Day Trip. It was actually my very best day of 2020. Thank you so much for coordinating the trip.

    Farallones trip

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