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MSC and the Leukemia Cup Regatta - A Personal Letter from Member/Instructor Kevin Holden


Ahoy Fellow Members, Sailors, and of course Scallywags,

Have you ever wanted to find a way to channel your passion for sailing into helping others?

Up until October 2015, I had not. When I was introduced to the Leukemia Cup Regatta on San Francisco Bay through Modern Sailing, fellow Club member Ernie Khirallah and myself were not sure what we were getting into. Well mates, we were hooked from the starting line, and have not missed one since.

The first year, we did not truly grasp nor appreciate the opportunity that this event offered to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and help those affected by these terrible blood cancers. By the time we crossed the finish line, we both knew we wanted to step up our game in 2016. As a result, we formed “Pirates For A Cause,” a group of club members and friends coming together under the same flag: “We Sail So Others Can Weather Their Storm.“

During our participation, Pirates For A Cause partnered with Modern Sailing to raise thousands of dollars for LLS while sailing San Francisco Bay. We even went so far as to put faces to this effort. We have sailed for two young ladies, Samantha & Sophia, both of whom were diagnosed with a childhood leukemia. This fall, Samantha starts 4th grade and Sophia starts 1st grade - CANCER FREE! Their victory over cancer in part is a result of all the research, doctors, and family programs supported by the LLS.

Is it time for you to step up your game and combine your sailing with a cause that helps others? This year’s Leukemia Cup Regatta is Sunday, October 20. I invite you to stand up and be counted as part the 2019 campaign. Come join Modern Sailing and Pirates For A Cause as crew aboard an MSC boat. For more information about how you can join, visit MSC's San Francisco Leukemia Cup Regatta page. Ready to sign up? It's easy to Enroll Online, or just call the office at (415) 331-8250 and tell them you want to get on board!

Why should you support this effort?

“Because it is in our Blood!”


Kevin “El Jefe” Holden
MSC Member, Instructor, and Pirate For A Cause



  • John Clark

    Every aspect of Modern Sailing - training, syllabus, course materials, quality of the boats, quality of the instructors, and the very friendly and helpful staff - exceeded my expectations. Modern Sailing has a first class sailing program in an environment with challenging winds and currents. I look forward to coming back to charter a boat and certainly plan to continue my sailing training.

  • Ray Arceneaux

    The vessel was clean and in fine condition - very nice boat for training, well-equipped.

  • Esther C

    I took ASA 101 with them recently. They have the best customer service I've ever seen! I mistyped my address when I signed up online so didn't receive the textbook. I called and the lady immediately sent me another copy! Everyone at the club is super friendly.

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