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Declined Credit Cards for Membership Dues - What's Our Policy?

As you know, monthly dues for your Modern Sailing club membership are automatically charged to your credit card on file on the first day of every month.

But sometimes credit cards expire, get stolen or cancelled, or there aren't enough funds to cover the AutoPay. We understand - these things occasionally happen! We also want to help you understand what to expect should your credit card be declined for payment of your monthly membership dues.

  • First, Mindbody automatically deactivates the membership upon the first declined AutoPay. The member will be unable to bareboat charter, join Club Sails, or receive members-only discounts on ASA Courses, Sailing Clinics, and Local Expeditions.
  • On the 1st through the 4th of the month, Mindbody will make a daily attempt to process the monthly AutoPay.
  • Each time a credit card is declined for monthly membership dues, the member will receive an automated email and/or text message alert from Mindbody, up to four times per month (depending on the individual member's account communications settings). These automated alerts also provide instructions describing how to update credit card information online. Instructions are also provided here: How To Update Your Credit Card Information Online
  • Once per month for the next 3 months of declined AutoPays, a Customer Service Representative will politely contact you to ensure that you're aware that your card was declined and offer assistance with updating your credit card information so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your membership.
  1. During the first month of unpaid dues:
    • A Customer Service Representative will send a friendly email asking the member to update the card on file. Instructions describing how to update it online will also be provided.
    • If the member agrees to update the credit card information, the payment for monthly dues will be processed to reactivate the membership.
  2. During the second month of unpaid dues:
    • A Customer Service Representive will make a telephone call to the member to offer assistance. He or she will leave a voice message if there is no answer.
    • If there is no phone number on file, the Customer Service Representative will send another email to the member.
    • If the member agrees to update the credit card, payment for the last two months of dues will be processed to reactivate the membership.
  3. During the third month of unpaid dues:
    • As above, the Customer Service Representive will telephone the member or send an email to offer assistance.
    • If the member agrees to update the credit card, payment for the last three months of dues will be processed to reactivate the membership.
  4. Upon the fourth month of unpaid dues:
    • The membership will be terminated to stop Mindbody from attempting to process AutoPays in the future.
    • All past due payments for monthly dues will be deleted from the member's account.
    • In order to rejoin the club, the member will pay 50% of the current member initiation fee.
      • ​For clients who have chartered or taken an ASA Course with MSC within the last 3 years, the client will pay 50% of $375, or $187.50 total to rejoin the club.
      • For clients who have not chartered or taken an ASA course with MSC within the last 3 years, a fee of $150 for a Skills Checkout will also apply.
      • These amounts are subject to change if the membership initiation fee for all new and returning members has changed.

At any time during this process, if you'd prefer to terminate your membership rather than update your credit card on file, please let a Customer Service Representative know so that we can cancel future AutoPays and cease our efforts to contact you. No matter what, we'll always thank you for sailing with us and hope to see you again one day!

Questions about your membership? Call our friendly office at (415) 331-8250 or send us an email.


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  • Sara Jane G.

    I've taken two classes at MSS&C and was very happy with the program. This is also a great club with lots of opportunities for camaraderie and practice on the water. The boats in the fleet are fantastic and kept in tip-top shape. I highly recommend for all sailors and would-be sailors!

  • John Boynton

    The class was terrific. I know you must get many compliments about your sailing instructors...But I must tell you that Robert is outstanding. Having taught SCUBA, I really appreciate the way he is so sensitive to all on board, dealing with each so well, knowing quickly their strengths and weaknesses making each feel special and cared for.

  • Ray Arceneaux

    The vessel was clean and in fine condition - very nice boat for training, well-equipped.

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