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ASA 203, Basic Coastal Cruising Instructor Qualification Clinic

Are you ready to become an ASA 103, Basic Coastal Cruising instructor?

1. Are you a current ASA member, or willing to become a member?
2. Do you hold an ASA 201, Basic Keelboat Sailing Instructor Certificate, or will you enroll in ASA 201 and 203 simultaneously?
3. Do you hold an ASA 103, Basic Coastal Cruising Certificate, or will you enroll in the ASA 200 - 203 Instructor Preparation Clinic?

If you are able to respond "yes" to the questions above, you're ready to become an ASA 103, Basic Coastal Cruising Instructor!

Clinic Application

Apply for the ASA 203 IQC by sending us your completed ASA-107B Instructor Application and Sailing Resume forms. Email your completed forms to Questions about the clinic or application process? Email us or call our office at (415) 331-8250.

Clinic Information

The ASA 203 IQC is the second instructor-level clinic in the keelboat training system and certifies an individual for teaching the ASA 103, Basic Coastal Cruising course at an ASA affiliate school. ASA Instructor Certification Standards parallel those required for students, but at a much higher level with emphasis on teaching. ASA 203 certification requires the Instructor Candidate to score 90% or more on the BCCI written examination and to pass an on-the-water skills evaluation by a certified ASA Instructor Evaluator. When the Candidate is successful, the Instructor Evaluator signs the certification page in the Candidate's log book and the ASA issues the certification stickers by mail.

Price: $395

ASA Instructor Qualification Clinics Schedule

NOTE: Even though you can earn your ASA Instructor Certificate without holding a US Merchant Marine Credential (captain's license), you will not be eligible to work as an instructor on US federal waters without credentials/licensure.

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  • Steve Hood, Basic Coastal Cruising

    I would definitely recommend Modern Sailing to anyone who is interested in learning to sail the right way.

  • David Dolenc, Member

    I love sailing in the San Francisco Bay and greatly appreciate everything that MSC has to offer, the classes, clinics, club sails, racing and charters. I enjoy our supportive sailing community and use every opportunity to spend time on the water. After obtaining the certifications from MSC I did my first charter in Croatia in 2022 with my family. It was amazing and we’re looking forward to returning soon!

  • Sara Jane G.

    I've taken two classes at MSS&C and was very happy with the program. This is also a great club with lots of opportunities for camaraderie and practice on the water. The boats in the fleet are fantastic and kept in tip-top shape. I highly recommend for all sailors and would-be sailors!

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