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Five Reasons To Race with Modern Sailing

Why Race?

Beyond the obvious fun and challenge, learn about five of the life-enhancing benefits you can experience by racing on San Francisco Bay with the Modern Sailing Recreational Race Team.

1. Racing Builds Sailing Skills Quickly

With a classroom session and three days of training on the water, MSC’s Recreational Race Clinic will get you ready for the races. While racing with a USCG-licensed race coach aboard, you'll hone your skill base and learn advanced steering, sail trim, and spinnaker skills. Our more experienced racers are also happy to share their knowledge and help novice racers grow and learn. Racing in a wide variety of conditions, you'll learn how to react to strong currents, changing winds, and heavy boat traffic.

Also, If you've recently completed your ASA 103 certification at Modern Sailing, the Race Clinic counts as 3 days earned towards your ASA 104 6 on-the-water days prerequisitie.

Our Recreational Race Program emphasizes continuous learning and improvement, teamwork, safety, and fun. Frequent participation in races will not only help your team succeed - you will have a blast fast-tracking your sailing skills.

2. Expand Your Circle of Sailing Friends

As a member of our team, you'll have the opportunity to sail with and meet many other Bay sailors both within and outside of Modern Sailing. When the pandemic is over, we look forward to resuming our habit of gathering with other teams at local yacht clubs after races for refreshment, laughs, and sharing sailing stories.

If you're a woman interested in learning and racing with other women sailors, our Wind & Women Program will connect you!

3. Improve Teamwork and Communication

Are you a boat owner or bareboat skipper? You'll learn strategies to help your crew work together safely and efficiently while having fun. These skills may also carry over to your professional life.

4. Physical Health Benefits

Sailing, and especially sailboat racing, can be great full-body exercise. Handling lines, steering, and moving about the boat engages every muscle in your body. When racing, you'll need to move more quickly than you ordinarily would on a leisure sail. Even simply seated, your core works to maintain your balance as the boat skips along. Learn more about the health benefits of sailing with the Health Fitness Revolution article "Top 10 Health Benefits of Sailing." Race as often as you can to enjoy these benefits.

5. Mental and Cognitive Benefits

All sailors know there's nothing like time on the water to clear and refresh the mind. You'll enjoy taking in some fresh air, beautiful scenery and an array of colorful race boats. Even in calm conditions, sailboat racing requires focus, invigorating the mind by giving it a break from everyday routine. Learn more about this benefit with the Discover Boating article "Your Brain on a Boat".

Racing in particular necessitates quick thinking and fast responses, helping to maintain and sharpen mental acuity. The continuous learning that comes with racing also promotes neuroplasticity, keeping your brain flexible, able to adapt and acquire new skills in other areas of your life. 

Ready to race?

You can get started by joining our next Recreational Race Clinic!

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Learn More about MSC's Recreational Race Program

Article by Mary Elkins on March 5, 2020
Updated September 9, 2020

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  • Molie M

    After complete two courses and having a variety of instructors, I can safely say, this is place to go if you want to learn to sail. The fleet is equally diverse and exciting. The office staff does a great job of getting you plugged into the sailing community. Fantastic group of folks!

  • John Kipping

    The meeting room was quite adequate and the location most convenient, but the course outline and instruction were outstanding. Modern Sailing is fortunate to have such a well organized instructor in Mr. Stan Lander who teaches very well from a rich professional background. Mr. Lander was generous with his time and patiently in helping students who needed more attention or time in understanding various aspects of the curriculum.

  • Ray Arceneaux

    The vessel was clean and in fine condition - very nice boat for training, well-equipped.

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